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2004 Jetta TDI Problem

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2004 Jetta TDI Problem
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Ok, great. Yeah, they have taken care of my heated seats and I did have some complications with my reverse lights. A switch in the manual trans had to be replaced. I am also very happy with my car but you are right, this is a royal pain in the buttox.

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Greg B

Joined: 06 May 2008
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Post Heated Seat Reply with quote
Can you tell me what caused your heated seat to work only on the highest setting?
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Post Update on Issues Reply with quote update and maybe answer a couple of is what else I have had done since last posting.

1. Vibration noise still continued and became worse. To the point that my pedels were vibrating and if I was going up a hill hitting 3.8rpm or there about in 3rd or 4th would sound like my engine was going to drop out of the car. I had to narrow it down to a window of 50rpm and an exact setting of what kind of street I was on before they could replicate it. It also took a call to the new service manager telling him that this had to be fixed and having him promise that even if I had to go out with would be fixed this time (4th time in!). Once they agreed that the vibration and noise was not normal...they replaced nearly my entire clutch and fly wheel...and said that the vibration in the engine was from a broken nut or something like that. Regardless...all covered under warranty. Vibration in pedels was decreased greatly...and noise in engine only happens on a rare occasion - 99.9% driving is normal.

2. Heated seats were both replaced. I actually had a broken eliment in the driver's one and they ended up replacing the leather seat along with it. I believe they just replaced the switching mechanism for them both. Now they work like normal in all settings...meaning I actually have more than just the one setting (5-hot).

3. Other issues I have since these were fixed...

a. Reverse lights just totally stopped working. Took it in, was told there was a faulty switch that was fixed (never told there was a recall or anything).
b. Popping noise when turning. Was told this was because the control arm was broken/cracked. Doesn't make sense to me because I have always been a careful the heck does one break a control arm? I mean geeze, sounds like I was out potholing in my sleep again! Spent $1200 to fix it all. Noise vanished for a couple of I'm hearing it again and I'm up a creek as my bumper to bumper just ended a week ago and I don't have another $1200 to fix it AGAIN. I mean that has got to be a faulty thing with the car or something...two control arms to break?
c. Sunroof just started going back and forth repeatedly when I tried to open it. Was told it just needed to be oiled.
d. Passenger door began sticking/ couldn't not open the door for ANYTHING! They said that the locking mechanism just need to be fixed.
e. Both key fobs stopped working correctly...replaced both under warranty after a fight that it was not safe to have a key that would only unlock your door if you were six inches from the car! Batteries had been replaced three times with no help.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on the little things since my bumper to bumper is out...still have 20,000 miles to go on my powertrain. I'm one of those rare people that actually puts less than 15,000 miles on their car every year. My daily drive is less than 20miles roundtrip. My plan is to drive it till the powertrain warranty is up and then I will likely trade it in for a Mazda. I just don't have trust in Volkswagen anymore and certainly don't want to spend another five years with a new car and their service team! It's been a constant fight from finding the problems to having to fight them tooth and nail for a loaner car.
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Joined: 19 Mar 2010
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Post 2004 Jetta TDI - Glowplug Issue Reply with quote
Sounds like a glowplug issue. You should check your service records as there was a recall of the glowplugs in 2007 or 2008. The VW service shop did a replacement of the glowplugs in my 2004 TDI over a year ago, and when the weather turned a bit cold, the car would spit out the white/black smoke and flood, and it would take several tries to turn it over. Itís been sitting at the dealership service centre for 3 months until VW engineers could sort out the issue. Iím finally getting my vehicle back this week, with a brand new injector, new glowplug, glowlamp etc. Basically a new engine.

Mine never stalled while driving, but would take a good 20 to 30 turnovers before the engine started.
Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:19 pm View user's profile Send private message
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