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2000 Beetle overheating; coolant fans not coming on

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2000 Beetle overheating; coolant fans not coming on
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2000 Beetle 2.0 engine: Repaced thermostat, Replaced fan switch, all fuses are good, water pump replaced last year (brass impeller). Neither fan is coming on. Confused
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Mine was doing the same thing. First, you need to test the fan circuit...jack up the driver side enough so you can peek up at the radiator from just in front of the front tire. Be safe...don't take any unnecessary risks here! Up there above the radiator hose, find the fan switch sticking out of the radiator. Pull off the connector, there are three red, and two red with stripes. Turn the ignition key to the on position (don't start the engine), then with a short piece of copper wire, short two of the contacts inside the connector, red to red-stripe, then red to the other red-stripe. One of the connections should run both fans at high speed, the other should run the fans at low speed. If the fans don't run, it is probably a fuse or the fan motors are burned out, or you have a burned out wire somewhere, or maybe the fan control module is shot. If they do run, then the thermal fan switch is broken and needs to be replaced.

You also might also try burping the coolant system, especially if you have an older "New Beetle". Here is what I is off and ENGINE IS COOL...turn the heater control to full-heat position, then remove the cap from the coolant overflow tank, then find the coolant temp switch, up top the engine on the driver side caddy-corner from the battery. It comes out by sliding out the little plastic retention clip (don't break that clip!) and then pulling the temp sensor straight up (at least that is how mine works). There is an O-ring on the sensor or maybe it stayed in the hole...just don't lose it. Once the sensor is removed, coolant should begin flowing through the coolant system and air coming out of the sensor hole. You might need to add water/antifreeze to the overflow tank if it runs dry. Once the water starts flowing out of the sensor hole, gently squeeze the radiator hoses a few times to force out any trapped air bubbles, then replace the sensor and retention clip. My Beetle was overheating bad, but only after about 30 minutes of driving. problem turned out to be low coolant, even though the overflow tank was properly filled! There was an air bubble in the engine somewhere that wasn't getting out or letting coolant in. When the engine was running, the low water level in the engine eventually began to turn to steam (or maybe the big bubble moved to the water pump), which then vapor-locked the water pump, which stopped coolant flow which overheated the engine! Took me quite a while and many trials to discover that problem. Once I got the air out of the system, everything is finally working fine.

Let us know what your problem turned out to be and how you fixed it.
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