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406 D8 1997 idle problem

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Reply with quote  PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 7:31 am
Post subject:Peugeot Forum - 406 D8 1997 idle problem

Dear all,
I have 406 D8 1997 for about 1.5 years. This idle problem starts with da idle not stable n always drop until da engine dead. First time i brought n checked it to not authorized Peugeot workshop (but they specialized in Peugeot repair) and they change my ICV with new ones. But after I use da car for a few days, da problem occured again. This time, the idle is not drop until da engine dead but when I use AC n AC compressor is turned off by AC thermostat, da rpm is on 1200-_-!

After dat, I brought it to da authorized Peugeot workshop (France Astra Motor in here, Indonesia) n they checked it for a few hours and they told me dat my ICV broke (wewwww????!?)... So I bought new ICV and I replace it by my self. But da problems not solved yet ckkk2... :-S Then, I brought it to authorized Peugeot workshop again and they checked it again and they told me dat my car need to be overhauled bcoz my engine is leak on piston #2 and da engine oil pluz radiator water got in into dat piston wewww:-S I listen what they told me so I brought it again to non authorized Peugeot workshop (bcoz its so expensive if I OH my car in authorized Peugeot workshop) n they overhauled my car. After its finish, da problem STILL NOT FIXED grrrrrrrrrr.... My Peugeot 406 STILL have a very strange idle... When da engine cold starts, its on 1100-1200... After a few minutes, its stable at 1000 (normal).. Then, I use AC, fan still in low speed, rpm at 1000 (normal)... When fan is on high speed, the rpm is drop to 900-950an (still normal).... But after a few moments, AC thermostat will cut off da compressor and da compressor is turned off, fan still run on high speed (normal condition) and da rpm is starting strange. Its on about 1100 wewww... After dat, when fan is already run on low speed, rpm goes to 1200 wewww, wat a very strange... :`S But when da AC is got turned on again by AC thermostat, its normal again to 1000 and when fan on high speed again, rpm go to 900-950 again (normal too)... N after dat compressor turned off again, rpm goes to 1100, fan goes low, rpm 1200 again, etc... Wat a strange hixxx.... And da other strange thing is when I turned off da AC, rpm sometimes goes to 1100....
Wats goin on ? Any idea wat I suppose to do with my car to makes it fixed ? I already get bored and stress bcoz diz problem already almost a half years and still not fixed.
Cleaning ICV and anything, even changing ICV twice and checking all electrical components (result by authorized Peugeot workshop : OK, nothing error), overhauling engine, changing air intake, cleaning throttle control, intake, etc already done but it still like that...
Please help me.... Is there any experts Peugeots mechanics from all arroung da world dat can give me da answer wats goin on with my car ?
TIA (thanks in advance)

Ivan Tan
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